Nick NameSmokey
OwnerMitchell & Kenny Armstrong
BreedAmerican Brittany
ColorWhite / Liver
Whelped Date05/31/2006
Current Age13.1 Years
PriceNot For Sale
Stud Fee $600.00
LocationLeeds AL

I was born to my parents “Dashin Tru Grit” and “Dashin Cajun Spice” the summer of 2006 in the state of Arkansas. It wasn’t until a few months later that I found my true home at GunRunner Gondogs.
My registered name is “Armstrong’s Smoke -N- Gun” but everyone calls me “Smokey”. As a puppy I was never shy and the smell of caged gamebirds always intrigued me whenever, I came in contact with them. The overwhelming scents of those birds consumed my thoughts and soon sent me into an instinctive, excited puppy hunting mode. When I started my training a few months later, I learned to curb this excitement and listen to commands when they were given to me.
My best quality is without a doubt, my sharp mind! I have always learned fast and the ability to do so, advanced my skills to a high level in a relatively short amount of time.
I'm also a very versatile dog. You can hunt me in the morning on a plantation style quail hunt and then turn around and run me that same day in a competition field trial.
In February 2009 at Town Creek Alabama, I competed in my very first UFTA National event. This trial is the largest field trial in the country and in 2009 it brought together 120 dogs from all across the USA and Canada. I was excited to be there and egger to prove that I had what it took to be the best in the game. When the second day of qualifying was over, to everyone’s amazement I was sitting close to the top with the highest overall score for my two fields. Making the top 25 my first year was without a doubt a great accomplishment. However; the top 25 wasn’t my goal! I was there to make a name for myself and prove to all the (neigh-sayers), that I was capable of winning this whole shooting match. On the final day, I was able to silence the people who had previously doubted me.
When I won the UFTA Amateur National Championship, I earned the right to have my name forever written inside the UFTA record book.

Armstrong’s Smoke -N- Gun - Tournament Wins!
1.) Feb. 2008, UFTA “National Amateur Champion”
2.) 2nd Place 2009, Bama Bird Dog Club “UFTA - Amateur Division”
3.) 1st Place Oct. 2009, Heart of Dixie Club “UFTA - Amateur Division”
4.) 2nd Place Oct. 2009, Heart of Dixie Club “UFTA - Amateur Division”
5.) 1st place 2009, Bama Bird Dog Club “UFTA - Amateur Division”

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